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Tracking for my Parcel


Novocig ships with Post Mail, EMS and DHL as well as Fedex.

1,To track post mail order with RR123456789CN label

You can track post mail on China Post Mail tracking site:

The Status Tracking Shows the recent status of the parcel.

 post mail tracking

ItemTracking shows all history status of the parcel.

post mail tracking

When it says Departure from outward office of exchange, it means the parcel has left China, it may take 10 to 20 days to be updated again. Sometimes, it is very soon which depends on the arrange of the destination country post service

You may not track it in details on China Post Tracking site, you need to track it on your local post office site. Sometimes, the shipping info is not updated as the parcel  is on the way or are waiting to be processed at the local office.

Take US as an example, you can track it on

When the parcel left China, the USPS will update is as Origin Post is Preparing Shipment, This means the parcel has left China and is on the way. USPS will only update the next point only when the parcel is processed through it facility. It takes much longer, because sometimes, the parcel stays at airport or their facility but not be processed.


 1,To track EMS order with EE123456789CN label

The official site that tracks EMS order is

After log on this site you will see


Some customers may be confused with the verification code, you need to put the cursor into the table, then the code will show up, please take a look:

ems tracking

Tracking HongKong Post Mail.

The official tracking site for HongKong Post Mail is

HK Post tracking site only shows recent status of the parcel, you can't see the whole process of it. But you may view it in your local post service site.

Parcel is processed and left HongKong

Parcel is delivered

You can go to your local post site. Some countries has not connected with HongKong Post system, so there will not have the tracking info.

tracking.png tracking.png
postmail.png postmail.png
usps.png usps.png
EMS.png EMS.png
ems1.png ems1.png
HK1.png HK1.png
HK2.png HK2.png
HK3.png HK3.png
HK5.png HK5.png
HK4.png HK4.png

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